Could you use some guidance in shaping, developing or refining your completed manuscript? Find a writing mentor through Writing NSW.

A Writing NSW mentorship is an opportunity for you to work one-on-one (either face-to-face, by email, Skype or over the phone) with an experienced writer or editor. It will be up to you and your mentor to decide how best to organise the mentorship, but issues covered may include structure, characterisation, audience, style, and editing and redrafting. Writing mentorships are not designed to offer direct industry advice or letters of recommendation for literary agents or publishers.

The program is available to members of Writing NSW on application.

Applying for a Writing Mentorship

Begin by deciding which mentor would best suit your project, and then read and complete the Mentorship Application Form.

Please outline what you are aiming to achieve from the mentorship, as well as telling us how your manuscript got to where it is today as set out on the application form. Keep any synopsis notes as brief as possible. Please note that we are only able to accept applications for mentorship if we believe the applicant is likely to benefit from the program and if we have a suitable mentor available.

If you are accepted into the mentorship program, we will get in touch with your nominated mentor to check availability. We will then put the two of you in touch to sort out your work plan.

Mentorship Cost

The cost to the mentoree is:

  • $825 for 10 hours*
  • $1,200 for 15 hours
  • $1,540 for 20 hours

*10 hour mentorships are only available for manuscripts under 60,000 words.

Please note that the mentor’s reading time is included in these hours. All prices include GST.

Contact us for more information.